Hello my name is Mac Oligan, I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am currently finishing up my Film/Cinema Bachelors at San Francisco State University. Ever since highschool I was into coming up with ideas and turning it into reality, I learned everything on my own with of course help from Youtube. From there I started to create personal projects that I always wanted to do and share with my friends. My first project was a printed magazine that highlighted the memories that my friends and I created throughout highschool. I kind of turn that idea into a "brand" called *a GOOD TIMES where I create designs and put them on shirts, some of the proceeds from the sales of those shirts went to help organization to help those in need. Recently, I created another brand called FEMMES et HOMMES which translates to women and men in english, the idea is that anyone can wear the clothes. I have created a lot of things whether its personal or for school, I am graduating in a few months and I would to grow more as a person but as a creative. I want to learn as much as I can and have no limit to what I can create. I am hardworking, determined, and ready to succeed.